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Carind is the leader for having introduced a new method of processing pure cellulose wadding and recycled wadding on the European market, for the creation of a professional line of high quality industrial reels. As a result of embossing with opposing tips and gluing of the layers, which enhances the typical characteristics of the paper, Carind is able to offer a wide range of reels to meet diverse requirements. Ideal to guarantee high level, long-lasting cleaning with a high absorbing ratio, Carind reels are suitable for use in professional areas where maximum resistance and absorption are required.



The roll and spiral hand towels by Carind are available in one-ply, two-ply and three-ply pure and mixed cellulose with a smooth or embossed surface. Resistant and highly absorbent, they are ideal to simply dry your hands or for more thorough cleaning. The paper can remove liquids, oils and grease from any surface. The hand towel rolls are ideal for AFH, Ho.Re.Ca. and health sectors that have high standards of cleaning and hygiene. The hand towels offered by Carind can be used with different types of dispensers, among which automatic dispensers, so that only the hand towel to be used is touched.



C and Z folded and V interfolded hand towels with maximum absorption, resistance and softness. Made of pure and mixed cellulose with one-ply, two-ply or three-ply, embossed, glued and with the option of having customised packaging, they can be used in contexts with a high number of people guaranteeing maximum hygiene.



The medical sheets produced in pure cellulose are the ideal solutions for medical clinics, examination rooms and beauty centres. Processing can be smooth, embossed or micro-glued. The sheets are made in different shapes and sizes to guarantee a high level of hygiene in health facilities.



A wide range of toilet paper forms part of the Carind line of products. Product softness is combined with the extraordinary resistance of the paper available in different shapes and sizes. Soft and delicate, our toilet paper is biodegradable and is easily dissolved in contact with water, thus preventing water pipes and ducts from clogging.



The paper napkin has become an essential product in daily life and is a practical, hygienic and quick solution for any type of table. The world of napkins by Carind offers a wide range of products for all tastes, occasions and different requirements, with one-ply napkins available in 17x17; 33x30; 33x33 and two-ply napkins in 24x24; 33x33; 38x38; 40x40 with a ¼ and 1/8 fold and interfolded having dimensions of 11x21 and 16.5x21. The range of napkins is divided into four product families: Carind, Selly, Carousel and Value, in white and also patterned.