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Sustainability means, first and foremost, taking care of the future. This is why we want to make our growth sustainable from an environmental point of view and try to build a long-term model of sustainable development that safeguards the environment and assures a better quality of life. Our planet.

Carind has long since undertaken a Green Economy strategy and has been, for some years, active in producing Green Energy (renewable energy) for personal use. The covered surface area of the plant in Arpino has been fitted with 1,507 photovoltaic panels with equivalent power of 352kw able to ensure clean energy as well as reduce energy consumption. Furthermore, the Company has changed its entire lighting system with new LED lights both internally and externally and in the areas surrounding the plant.

Carind’s commitment and professionalism, which makes it an active part in minimising the environmental impact, are not only emphasised by the production models that respect and safeguard human rights, the regenerative abilities of the earth and the well-being of the community, but are also witnessed by the integrated Quality/Environment/Safety management system according to the requirements defined in the UNI EN ISO 9001, UNI EN ISO 14001 and BS OHSAS 18001 standards. In addition to these certificates are the FSC® Mix and FSC® Recycled certifications, which represent the main guarantee regarding the origin of the wood or paper.

Another important goal with regard to certifications has also been achieved by Carind. In fact, the company has been certified EU Ecolabel with the brand applicable on a wide range of products, for which it has completely restyled the layout of the labels relating to the product lines in order to highlight the new certification. The EU Ecolabel is an ecological label based on a selective criteria system, which is defined on a scientific basis and guarantees respect for ecological criteria and reduced environmental impact throughout the entire life cycle of the product.
The EU Ecolabel brand guarantees:

  • ecological quality, assuring transparency from the supply of raw materials to the disposal and recycling phase;
  • performance quality, assessing, by means of specials tests, the efficiency of certified products as opposed to conventional ones;
  • less impact on the environment with reduced energy consumption during production phases;
  • increased guarantee for the consumer.

Selecting eco-sustainable consumer goods is a choice of life, a sign of maturity and taking responsibility for the environment around us.

Carind S.r.l. is also aware of the importance of a Social Policy that protects the psycho-physical integrity of its workers, considering employees as a strategic resource ensuring respect for their rights and promoting their professional and personal development while respecting the values of dignity and the rights of human resources. For these reasons, Carind undertakes to implement all measures to guarantee a safe and healthy, socially responsible work environment in compliance with current regional and national regulations.

Carind not only endeavours to offer its customers high quality products, but it also takes care of the way in which they are processed, minimising the environmental impact. A certified company is synonymous with quality, a guarantee for the customer and respect for the environment.

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