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VALUE THE EVOLUTION is a range of napkins that CARIND has recently launched on the market and dedicated to the HO.RE.CA sector. It is an interfolded napkin packed in a package that is completely closed on 6 sides, a feature that complies fully with the hygiene and food safety (FCM - Food Contact Material) requirement. Provided with the “one by one” system, the Value range avoids waste, with savings of 30% for the manager compared to a traditional napkin pack. A single dispensed item reduces consumption of the napkins and also increases hygiene, thus saving space and reducing the frequency to refill and re-order. The napkins are available in 7 colours. Furthermore, Carind has patented both the design and embossing of the “Value The Evolution” brand. The Value napkin is used with the special dispenser from the “Value The Evolution” line.

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